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“What’s your story?”


It’s a question that powerfully gets to the heart of it all. 


So, what’s our story? Let’s start with the dreams. 


2 dream jobs - high-end fashion designer and commercial pilot.


1 big realization shared by both -


"ah f*ck, this isn't it."

When IMPACT. Co-Founders, Lila Morency and Robert Bean, came together, it was to create radical change in a world beholden to outdated, inauthentic narratives. 


A world unwilling to ask itself that fundamental question -


“What’s your story?” 

Witnessing firsthand the lack of sustainability of the fashion and aviation sectors, they observed a toxicity that not only ran through the waters from fast-fashion dyes, but also ran through the culture and environments these industries operated in.


They both thought, "surely there's a better way." - not only for fashion and aviation, but for ALL industries. 

In studying the science of storytelling and having a deep understanding of how narrative influences that which we humans subscribe to, they saw storytelling as the solution to the problems we faced in the world today.

New technology and solutions die if people don't align with them.

The very things we need to do to better this planet and our communities will not gain traction without offering a relatable story.

A new narrative.

This is the fundamental piece for purpose-driven brands to acknowledge.


Without an authentic narrative and compelling storytelling being the centerpiece of their communication, they won't impact the world, because their message will get lost or ignored.

Most brands won’t answer the question “What’s your story?” because they don’t know to tell their story, or haven’t thought about how to tell their story. And frankly, it’s an intimidating question for any brand to try to answer. 


If any of that rings true, we’re here to help.


IMPACT. was born to be your brand’s storytelling guide. 

You have the power to change the narrative in your respective industry, and create a real Impact on the world.


So, what’s your story?  


Let’s make it a great one, together.

film director in chair on set with filmmaker and interviewee
Caucasian woman in cream hat doing brand strategy with pen and paper



Grow awareness in sustainable marketing

It is our commitment to keep bringing awareness to a better and more human way of doing things, with the ethos of value first.


Be intentional in all matters

Intentionality is oftentimes missed in the chaos of life. We seek to ground ourselves and be intentional in all that we do.


Support the most conscious brands

Our success shall come through the best collaborations. We are here for long-term relationships, and we seek them with the most purpose-driven brands.


Be remarkable, yet humble

Remarkability has been lost among the sea of sameness. We aim to delight and inspire through
remarkable work, but we shall not boast about it.


Empower those that interact with us

We seek to empower not only our clients in achieving great things, not only our partners, but also our employees. We will always seek to create new and improved support systems and be a force for good.



Lila’s background spans industries, countries, and continents, but her mission-driven focus on boundless creativity and making a positive impact have been with her since her start in fashion at the prestigious Marangoni Institute of Milan, through to her current role as co-founder of Impact. 

Lila’s true passion is understanding people and creating community through authentic, emotional connection. She helps brands tap into their humanity and elevate their marketing so that their stories empower and resonate with their audiences.  (She’s also a secret lover of karaoke, which secretly may be her other true passion.)


A rebel with a cause, Robert’s story has taken him from the literal clouds of commercial aviation, to the starry heights of powerful storytelling. Frustrated by the pushy sales tactics and unsustainable practices of brands within and outside of aviation, he has set out to create a better way to connect and bring humanity back to purpose-driven companies - through the power of story. Utilizing a better way of marketing that inspires emotion, creates connection, and builds community.


Years of combined storytelling experience


Awards & Recognitions


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May 13th, 2022 - London Mountain Film Festival, UK

Be & Become

November 17th, 2022 - BIFF, London, UK


March 23rd-25th 2023 - Stay at Home Film Festival, Italy


April 29th, 2023 - Cinque Terre Film Festival, Italy

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