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Our driving force

As storytellers, we possess something that most others do not. We see what others cannot.


We can conceive what does not yet exist.


At our very best, we have it within us to lay out the future and lead people to it.


When we imagine ourselves at our best, we can see again the change we might bring to the world.


We can see the power we have to move people and organizations.


At our best, what problem can we not solve?


In banding together with others like us, what change can we not bring about?


We are the people who see. The cause of our revolution is to build a business that allows us to rise to the highest heights possible and make an IMPACT on the world that is larger than us.


We will master that which resides in this manual so that our enterprise may sustain us and nourish our creativity.


We will do great work for those who respect us and pay us our worth.


From our rewards we will use our gifts to lift our families, inspire our communities, and influence all of humankind.


Focus, selectivity, respectful selling, continuous learning - these are but steps on our path.

Our values


Grow awareness for real storytelling.

It is our commitment to keep learning the science, and bring more awareness to a better, more human, more authentic way of communicating and connecting.


Be intentional in all matters.

Intentionality is oftentimes missed in the chaos of life. We seek to ground ourselves and be intentional in all that we do.


Support the most conscious brands.

Our success shall come through the best collaborations. We are here for long-term relationships, and we seek them with the most purpose-driven brands.


Be remarkable.

Remarkability has been lost among the sea of sameness. We aim to delight and inspire through
remarkable work that cuts through the noise.


Empower those that interact with us.

We seek to empower not only our clients in achieving great things, not only our partners, but also our employees and the wider public. We will always seek to create new and improved support systems and be a force for good.



Lila’s background spans industries, countries, and continents, but her mission-driven focus on boundless creativity and making a positive impact have been with her since her start in fashion at the prestigious Marangoni Institute of Milan, through to her current role as co-founder of Impact. 

Lila’s true passion is understanding people and creating community through authentic, emotional connection. She helps brands tap into their humanity and elevate their marketing so that their stories empower and resonate with their audiences. 


A rebel with a cause, Robert’s story has taken him from the literal clouds of commercial aviation, to the starry heights of powerful storytelling. Frustrated by the pushy sales tactics and unsustainable practices of brands within and outside of aviation, he has set out to create a better way to connect and bring humanity back to purpose-driven companies - through the power of story. Utilizing a better way of marketing that inspires emotion, creates connection, and builds community.

Our pledges


1% for the Planet

The 1% for the Planet certification is given to businesses that meet their high-bar commitment - we donate 1% of our annual gross revenue to environmental causes.

eco domain logo blk.png

.eco Domains

.eco is exclusively for those working on positive change for our planet. We disclose our environmental intentions and have signed a pledge committing ourselves to environmental action.


Clean Creatives

Clean Creatives is a movement to bring together leading ad and PR agencies, their employees, and clients to end the creative industry's work with fossil fuel companies or their front groups.


Years of combined storytelling experience


Awards & Recognitions

IMPACT Storytelling Awards Image (7 awards)

Film festivals


May 13th, 2022 - London Mountain Film Festival, UK

Be & Become

November 17th, 2022 - BIFF, London, UK


March 23rd-25th 2023 - Stay at Home Film Festival, Italy


April 29th, 2023 - Cinque Terre Film Festival, Italy

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