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Robert Bean - Co-Founder @ IMPACT.

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How we helped Phoenix Haus increase their SQL by over 300% and their MQL by 800%:

Phoenix Haus came to us with the intent to become the leader in offsite sustainable panel manufacturing for prefab passive homes. Since working with us:

  • Sales qualified leads up over 300% (900% in the winter months!)

  • Website conversion increase from 0.5% to 3.0%


"The biggest challenge we had was getting our message our there in an authentic way. We tried a campaign here or an email there. With IMPACT we have a clear path forward. Consider the efforts you have made and how effective you've been in telling your story. We didn't do the best job and it lacked a common thread, and IMPACT helped us bring it all together and get the attention we've desired."

Bill McDonald - CEO

phoenix haus.png
How we helped The Sweet Spot go from 1 month to closure to securing VC funding:
sweet spot.png

Ryan@ The Sweet Spot was ready to pack in his efforts, giving himself a 1-month ultimatum - get funding, or quit. Since working on his powerful Why Story, he's:

  • Closed his funding round (undisclosed)

  • Hired on staff and making his vision a reality!


"We worked with IMPACT to really help define my company's "why" and the story around it. Robert is incredibly intuitive and the process that he's developed around digging into and, ultimately, uncovering those more subjective details about your business and motivations were incredibly effective. I would suggest any company (or person!) needing help to identify your story to reach out to Robert and his team to help!"

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