Brand Messaging.

The story you tell the world and how the world, in turn, experiences and perceives you is all dependent on your strategy. It’s the customer-facing interpretation of your business, driving your culture, marketing decisions, and priorities. It’s also how your prospects see you, and what values they associate with your business that either cause them to choose you or your competition.​

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Ride the Change

The Client



The Challenge

The challenge Motorama Bisson Ltd faced was to safeguard their future and ensure that they kept current with the times. We looked at the automotive and two-wheeled industries and saw a common direction - eco. 






Brand Strategy


The Solution

We presented our concepts for a rebrand, a change of name to create something lasting and current, a brand strategy that suited the new eco direction, an overhaul of the brand's visual image, and most importantly, a guide of how to communicate that new direction.


The Results

INMOTION's new logo is fresh, young, and ready for the new strategy. The visual image is overhauled and the company now has a brand strategy and solid keywords to take them into the future.

Rebrands including name changes are always going to have those that love it and those that don't. For most people, change is not easy, so time will tell about how big an impact INMOTION will make. 

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