Documentaries and branded narrative films are our true passion. When we find a captivating story that has the potential to empower, inspire, and bring to light an important topic it is truly a magical moment for us. Long-form film is where all aspects of emotional storytelling can be developed.


We are touched and delighted by the authentic, deep human connections that develop with our customers during the course of each project and are reminded that community and humanity are the important gems of this life experience.


elevate [verb el-uh-veyt] 1. to move or raise to a higher place or position; lift up.

This film tells the story of Matteo Manfron's attempt on the Genoa - Mont Blanc record, a gruelling challenge that brings you from Genoa to Courmayeur for 300km by bicycle, and another 10 or so km with nearly 1000mt elevation by foot for the rest of the climb to the top of Mont Blanc. The film delves into how Matteo was able to inspire a team to support and elevate him to reach the summit of his goals, which turn out to be different than what he thought.

Film Festivals

30th August 2021 - Bright International Film Festival, UK - Finalist

10th September 2021 - NY Neorealism Film Awards - Winner, Documentary Short

10th September 2021 - Rome Movie Awards, Italy - Official Selection

13th September 2021 - Eho Mountain Film Festival, Macedonia - Official Selection

22nd October 2021 - Hunter Mountain Film Festival, USA - Official Selection

29th November 2021 - Documentary Film Festival, Canada - Winner, Best Sports Documentary

4th/5th December 2021 - Krakow Mountain Festival, Poland - Official Selection

20th April 2022 - Endorphin Awards, Online - Official Selection

1st May 2022 - Varese International Film Festival, Italy - Official Selection

14t-19th May 2022 - London Mountain Film Festival, UK - Official Selection

29th April 2023 - CinqueTerre Film Fest, Italy - Official Selection

As we see ourselves currently surrounded by a recent bombardment of news focused on the natural disasters around the world, it’s hard not to feel a sense of helplessness for the size of the issue at hand. I mean, fires are great in winter with a warm tea, but NOT uncontrollably out in the wild.


How can I help? How can I change my habits in my life for the better? How can I make the first step? How can I actually influence change? Here at Impact, given we have a sustainable vision for our studio, we regularly find ourselves staring out of the window pondering these questions.


Many of us don’t think like creative strategists, or work anywhere near that field, so where can we learn from to inspire us into action? After recently witnessing Matteo Manfron’s attempt on the Genoa - Mont Blanc record, we have a few comparisons to make between the sporting world and the social-economic one.


As a quick explanation, the Genoa – Mont Blanc is exactly what it hints to. Imagine punching in these 2 locations on your GPS, following the first 300km by bicycle, and then once you have arrived at Europe’s highest mountain, hiking to the top.


*insert ‘mind-blown’ gif*. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, where were we?


We believe in equal responsibility for sustainable change between the businesses of today and the consumers. Businesses have a duty to act as they have more power than the individual, and consumers have a duty to choose selectively or demand. Looking at the mountain of a task ahead of us doesn’t set us up for success, but understanding that the vision, partnered with small, daily action, will help us greatly.

After stumbling into Matteo by chance in a cycling shop in northern Italy, we couldn’t help but feel this was a documentary we just had to produce. It was clear from the offset that Matteo’s warmth and friendliness made him a great main character, but also the reason why so many people were drawn to this challenge and to help him as much as possible.


After the initial calls and pre-production, it was obvious to us that with a clear vision comes a supportive, like-minded group of people. This is our first take-away. Not the burgers & fries kind, but the reflective ‘dude that’s soooo deep’ kind. When we become clear on what we want and share that with the world, we humans are wonderful at helping each other achieve it.


A strong vision creates a strong collective.


When this vision is a vision of a collectively better planet, then we have seen that we are starting to think of ways in which this is possible. In the business world, we see plenty of greenwashing going on or superficial marketing campaigns around sustainability, but rarely do businesses own up with where they are right now, and share a vision of where they want to be.


It’s okay not to be there. Yet, together, one day, we will. In owning up and being honest about this, we can all find ways to collectively get there. Matteo, for his challenge, made it clear from the beginning that he didn’t have the know-how nor logistic ability to get him to the Mont Blanc.


A matter of months later, he did.

The second take-away (remember deep, not fried) that we came to observe in Matteo was first made aware to us in the book ‘The Slight Edge’, by Jeff Olson. Jeff shows that with small, daily efforts, we attain the biggest results. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, long term health arrives through daily choices, business success or wealth arrives through persistence and daily execution. There are many examples, but you get the point.


Anytime you see what looks like a breakthrough, it is always the end result of a long series of little things, done consistently over time. From an individual standpoint, your internal vision fuels these daily actions, much in the same way it can inspire a group around you.


The journey starts with a single step – not with thinking about taking a step.


Matteo started training early on for this challenge. His daily commitment to this goal brought incremental results every week. Fitness creeps on you and doesn’t make itself apparent until you try a challenge that historically would have been way out of your limit.


Many people have done the Couch to 5k training plans or even taken on marathons, so why is it when it comes to the climate, individually we seem to be stumped or just unable to take action?

Actively using less plastic monthly. A true commitment to only buying from brands that are doing good. Eating less meat on a weekly basis. These aren’t hard to do, and slowly but surely, if done on a wider scale, the effect of these good actions will compound with the snowball effect. Not just for your health or mental health, but for the planet. The same goes with business. Add a sustainable line, choose a different supplier. Make the small effort daily, and keep making the small effort.



It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the state of the climate world right now, but we can all learn something from observing Matteo’s attempt on the record. We all have an individual and collective responsibility to change, therefore:


A strong vision creates a strong collective.

The journey starts with a single step – not with thinking about taking a step.