Film Production.

Impact was born from content creation. We started as a film production company in Milan, spending years perfecting our craft, working on some amazing projects for great clients all over the world. Now, our focus is on storytelling, creating emotion through film that generates a response in line with the film's mission.


The Meaning of Cycling

The Client



The Challenge

As a SME, Biehler needed to find a way to stand out in a very saturated market, with plenty of cycling brands of similar size offering and marketing the same thing. The new ideas needed to bring a level of uniqueness, while being conscious of budget availability.


The Solution

Moving on from our film work with them last year, we developed a brand strategy and new storytelling focus for Biehler. Biehler has been sustainably-driven since 1993, but never made this a priority within the communication. Learning from case studies on Patagonia, we opted to make sustainability and activism a major player in their communication, also opening the door to storytelling film that captures emotion and human connection, while also allowing the possibility to educate on important matters.


The Results

We took the already existing 'The Meaning of Cycling' series and continued it, with the intention to share the the stories of cyclists that have a deeper connection to the sport and their surroundings.

We premiered the 2nd film at their Brand Summit, receiving a great response from their Brand Riders, and subsequently from those who viewed it on social media.






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Social Media Strategy
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"The team at Impact. really did an excellent job producing very emotional brand and collection videos for our new campaign."

Sascha Winkler, Co-Founder & MD

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