boom supersonic.png

Welcome onboard this Impact Airways flight (wouldn't be a great airline name haha!) shortly departing to Centennial Airport.

I don't need to add too much on top of what was written on the letter (hope my handwriting wasn't too bad!)

We see great potential in the way Boom engages with its audience through narrative in various mediums. And how cool that you're based down the road from us!

We'd love to see whether we can help you craft beautiful stories for Boom, so if this vibes with you, then we can do some face-to-face talkin' sometime soon to see if we're a fit!

If there's a time that works on the Calendly widget below, we can also do it in-person down in Centennial while plane watching.

On behalf of Lila and the rest of the crew, I'd like to thank you for choosing Impact Airways.


Co-Founder @ Impact.

PS proof for pulling the pilot card...

PPS - you can view our 'Who Are We' deck here to get to know Impact a little better.

Our email is if you wish to connect before jumping on a call.