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One step closer to another great partnership.

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Every human-centered story we have told has allowed us to connect deeply with the main character in a way that is incredibly beautiful.


When someone feels heard, and more importantly feels safe to open up, friendships are created. Similarities are observed. Desires are created.


It's what creates community, and it's what creates change. Story gets people to take action.


Having worked in the aviation industry I experienced first-hand the coldness from the corporate way of doing things, and the disparity and disconnect between flight crew and management.

I realized, in many conversations with my colleagues, conversations which never came to light with upper management, that the solution wasn't actually a far-fetched one.

If we felt heard, seen, and celebrated, we would have been far happier. If we saw stories about us, our colleagues etc, and not quarterly results and management changes, then we would have felt connected with the airline.

Having spoken with friends in other airlines, this seems to be a trend. 

When these stories are also shared with the public, and not just within internal comms, then a lovable brand will be born. Just look at Swiss and their social media. Not one complaint about a lost bag or uncomfortable seats. Just lots of celebration of their employees, and clients that love that.

In this story, you're the main character, and we're sure you're facing some challenges at Frontier that, through joyous collaboration, can be solved.

If this resonates with you, then we can do some face-to-face talkin' sometime soon to see if we're a fit. You can book a call with us using the Calendly platform below.

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