Hey Bill!

What a result!

One step closer to another great friendship. Yay.

Well done unlocking the next level.

To us, reading your About page with your wonderful heartfelt story and seeing the reasoning behind 'Phoenix' being the chosen name, it's clear you're on a mission to pave a new way forward.

That's great, because so are we. At Impact, we believe story is the most powerful tool purpose-driven brands like yourself can use for changing and improving the collective narrative we live in, because narrative = story.


Those that change the narrative are the visionaries, those on a mission to create change.

We see you as one of those visionaries, paving the way in green building. But with the new comes the need to explain why this narrative is better than the last.

Deep down, storytelling is an innate human trait, ​and we need to know whether our internal narrative fits into the new narrative being pursued like companies like yours.

Story is what creates community, and it's what creates change. Story gets people to take action.

In this story, you're the main character, and we're sure you're facing some challenges at Phoenix Haus that, through joyous collaboration, can be solved.

We'd love to see whether we can help you craft beautiful, human stories for Phoenix Haus to influence the future of real estate development, so if this vibes with you, then we can do some face-to-face talkin' sometime soon to see if we're a fit!

PS - if you like European building techniques, then that's great, because it's our desire to bring our 'Europeanness' into Colorado. We founded Impact in Italy, recently moving to Colorado to be surrounded by like-minded, purpose-driven individuals and companies.


Even though we own Teva's, we still prefer turtlenecks and chinos...