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Amid continuing strict anti-Covid measures in Italy, the strictest being against restaurants, Joia was in a sticky situation. The high-end Michelin Star has no place on the likes of Glovo or Uber Eats as they attract a different audience, so there was necessity for Milan to know that Joia was providing home delivery and a very special Aperitif.

We opted to create a quick storytelling film, showing the process from ordering to enjoyment. We then launch the film on social media for organic reach, and a shorter, more catchy version with Facebook Ads.

The results blew us away, both ourselves and Joia weren't quite expecting the response. A great increase for a business emerging post-pandemic.

  • Increased revenue of 700% (sold out on many days)

  • €0.07 CPC

  • 6% CTR (Link)

Client: Joia

Deliverable: Film & Facebook Ad Management

Location: Italy

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