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Phoenix Haus had been established for 10 years, and a leader in the USA within sustainable off-site, modular homes.

Our approach was to develop their story and get their ethos across, paving the way for future creative projects, while deepening the customer

We leveraged the StoryBrand process to clarify their communication,
develop a website wireframe, lead magnet and storytelling email nurture campaign. Given the numbers of signups prior was 0, any increase was positive, but the new website helped them capture leads of 25% of all website visitors.

With the new website in place, sales calls increased ~150% (home building 'seasons’ affect each month), with ongoing work to optimize their offer.

With their foundation down, our 3rd project with them will involve a story-focused content campaign on YouTube & IG.

Watch their Origin Story to find out the 'why' behind the brand.


Phoenix Haus


CORE Discovery
StoryBrand Brand Script
Video Strategy
Full Service Film Production
Funnel Building
Outbound Lead Generation
Storytelling Email Marketing

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