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Authentic Growth - utilizing storytelling to truly leverage brand loyalty.

We believe that stories have the power to transform the narrative, and that we're in desperate need of transforming the narrative we currently live in.

In this business-centric world, businesses have the responsibility and power to create deep change. Storytelling is the tool to make an impact and tackle the problems we collectively face today.

As someone that tries to find solutions to any problem I encounter, I often got hung-up on the marketing that I was being subjected to by all the brands trying to grab my attention.

It was boring, it was predictable, and it was lacking emotion.

It didn't inspire me to buy into the brands, and the brands themselves didn't inspire me with the content and incentives they were focusing on.

Emotion was the crucial element, and only a handful of brands were fully utilizing it, crafting stories that resonated with me and their target market. Those brands were the standout brands to me. Fast-forward 5 or so years and it's clear that these brands are still dominating.

Just Google 'brands that tell stories' to get an list of them. I won't bore you here with some case studies as many others have taken on that responsibility.

This lackluster marketing that I was constantly bombarded with, plus my career in a driven-yet-emotionless aviation industry, taught me that human connection was a incredibly important and helps brands grow internally and externally.

From the start of civilization, human connection has been created through story.

Without emotional storytelling you cannot deeply connect with your audience, and profits suffer.
Without emotional storytelling you cannot deeply connect with your employees, and culture suffers.

This is why my fellow co-founder Lila and I started Impact, to help businesses understand the connection between emotional storytelling and brand loyalty, and longevity.

Most businesses focus on short-term marketing, on getting those customers.

The true power lies in thinking about long-term marketing, keeping those customers as long as possible.

Long-term marketing is sustainably driven and is community driven. It promotes positive change.

It has purpose and it helps brands return to their why, instead of getting distracted by all the other brands putting out the same short-term, quick-sell material. If you're interested in ensuring the longevity of your business while delighting your customers with stories that resonate with them, then start by downloading our eBook - Authentic Growth: 5 Powerful Human-to-Human Strategies to Increase Brand Loyalty

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