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Our Green Commitment - joining the .eco domain world

Branding your business with the name 'Impact' comes with a slight hitch - finding a suitable domain that A) isn't taken, and B) doesn't cost 7 figures.

Having taken 'createimpact' to somewhat match our social media profiles, we soon started to come into a few branding red flags, the major being that clients and friends thought we were called 'Create Impact'.

This was something we just brushed off at first, but over time, it began a thing we subconsciously knew we had to change.

Roll on to 2 months ago, when, while browsing LinkedIn, we came across the world of .eco domains. It was clear from the offset that this domain extension had something different about it:

This is .eco, the domain name for everyone working to help the planet.

Now, the online sphere has been inundated by a plethora of domain extensions - .cafe, .pizza, .ketchup, .boo, .lol, and plenty more - only making us more disheartened on our quest for the perfect domain.

This 'mess' among the domain extension world is exactly the reason why we were so excited about .eco. It offers something fresh, and it offers something more that what the other domains offer - a collective community with a collective mission.

Not anyone can get a .eco domain, which stops the potential of obviously not-so-purpose-driven brands 'greenwashing', but you can get an idea of who can in the image below:

Trevor Bowden, Director of Big Room, says, "For some, .eco will be an on-ramp to taking environmental actions for the first time. For others, like B Corporations who’ve already achieved sustainability goals, .eco is a way to tell their story."

At Impact. we seek to empower purpose-driven brands and help them achieve success on a global scale.

Our main focus is to bring purpose and connection into the forefront of marketing, reimagining what it means to sell, and innovating within the world of storytelling.

Given that we're still quite new and growing compared to other well-established brands, we're a little way off being B Corp Certified, but still have a commitment to follow the rules outlined for eventual certification.

What better way than join a community to pledge that commitment, to share experiences with like-minded people, and join a support system of those that are figuring out together what it means to truly be a purpose-driven brand.

So, on November 27th, and with our new .eco domain active, we took the .eco pledge -

"We pledge to support positive change for the planet and to be honest when sharing information on environmental actions."

We already implement various environmental actions, but our future commitments include the following:

  • Develop new eco-friendly products and services: We wish to innovate and find solutions to bring our services to a variety of locations and business, but in a manner that is guaranteed to be sustainable. From energy-efficient film productions, to guaranteed green energy projects. We don't fully know what this will look like just yet, but it's always in the forefront of our minds!

  • Generate renewable energy: Our future goals of building a totally renewable office space with repurposed, sustainable, and energy efficient materials is just one step of this goal. Our future home of Colorado has 300 days of sunshine per year, so it's a given that we'll be investing in solar in the near future.

  • Reduce air travel: By continuing to use local crews for our film production shoots, outsourcing to the best production houses in the area, we'll be able to reduce the amount of air travel per project, and continue to offset those flights that we have no choice but to take.

  • Reduce energy use: Being a mainly digital agency, energy use is a big topic. We are always looking for ways to mitigate the energetic drain we create from the use of technology on our day-to-day. We aim to find a way in the near future to run all of our production equipment from renewal energy while on set. Not only for our benefit, but to give our clients the peace of mind that they're not investing in something that is a drain on the environment.

You can find our .eco community profile at

If you want to find out more how we can support you in your storytelling goals, click the button below to schedule a call.

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