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The Meaning of Cycling #2 - Davide Russotto

How many times has life thrown you a curve ball? For most of us, the answer is: far too many times, and we never seem to be ready for the hit. But what about those times that you are the one who throws yourself the curve ball? When the pressure to act has been building within for so long and it becomes so uncomfortable that you think you might explode if you don’t make a move right away…ring any bells?

Davide has quite an incredible story when it comes to his relationship with cycling. We met up with him in northern Italy for the 2nd film in the 'The Meaning of Cycling' series by Biehler.

This was shot over 3 days with a small three-person crew, with a larger team for the post-production to cater for the edit, sound design, translation and management.

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