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We are a co-creative duo of storytellers based in Boulder, Colorado.
Our backgrounds span the boundless creativity and color of high-end fashion to the meticulous nature of commercial aviation.


Co-Founder of IMPACT

Lila, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm the half of the IMPACT duo that brings the playful silliness to our life and business. Working with my hands with various mediums has always been a part of what brings me joy.

Originally born in Quebec, Canada, my parents moved us to Boulder, Colorado in 1996 where I had the privilege of growing up surrounded by nature. This early bond with the great outdoors has been a constant source of inspiration, weaving its way through my life and work, from fashion design to storytelling.

After graduating from high school, I headed to Italy, already determined to become a designer, but only thinking I'd stay for 6 months to proceed with my education on the east coast.

16 years later, I was still in Italy.

My time at the Marangoni Institute in Milan was a deep dive into fashion design, which led me to launch my own line. Despite a thrilling start with a personal runway show in Florence at age 23, the tough lessons of entrepreneurship hit hard. That journey, though, was just the beginning of learning to stay true to my vision.

The fashion world took me from sportswear to cashmere and even swimwear, but after a decade, I felt a shift was needed. That's when I dove into the challenge of expanding a historic Spanish denim brand into the Italian market. It was exciting and rewarding, yet something was missing. I craved a deeper connection, something more meaningful than just selling clothes.

Enter IMPACT and Robert, my partner in crime and creativity. The desires launched by our earlier careers somehow both pointed us to a craving for more real and raw human experiences and connections. What makes our work stand out is our passion for the science of storytelling and understanding the psyche behind it. I love creating a safe space for people to share their stories, helping others see the common threads that unite us all.

The move back to Boulder from Italy was a decision sparked by the pandemic and a desire for a fresh start in a place known for its open-minded community and entrepreneurial spirit. It's been over two years now, and I truly feel at home in Boulder.

Robert and I have this amazing dynamic where he's the strategy genius, and I'm all about nurturing the relationships we build. He's taught me so much about communication and the importance of slowing down to tap into what my body and emotions are trying to tell me. Together, we're always dreaming up new ventures, whether it's the thoughts of diving into the restaurant world, exploring interior design, or traveling the globe to tell more stories that connect us. We’re here to experience it all!

What is your role?

My attention to detail and practical mind makes me great at anything organizational. I love making sure everyone feels heard, is on the same page, and is having fun. When things flow seamlessly and we bring to life a story in a way that it didn't exist before, I feel like I'm serving my purpose.

Set Yourself Apart With The One Thing Your Competitors Can't Copy – Your Story.


Co-Founder of IMPACT

Robert, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am one half of IMPACT, living in Boulder, Colorado, with Lila (my wife, business, and co-creative partner) who inspires me daily with her joy, positivity, and incredible talent.


I was lucky to have been born by the sea in Jersey, UK, and my journey into the realm of creativity began early. As a child, I found peace in drawing and art, a passion that later evolved into photography and film during my teenage years. This creative outlet was inspired by my mother's constant pursuit of creativity, a talented designer of clothes (and later interiors of homes), whose beautiful sketchbooks and attention to high-end details have always influenced my approach to life.

Before embarking on this most recent creative journey, I experienced a vastly different life as a commercial pilot. The rigorous discipline and zero-tolerance (yet just) culture of aviation taught me the value of excellence, lessons that I've now integrated into IMPACT.


My most recent professional path has led me back to film, co-founding IMPACT, a studio dedicated to telling the impactful stories of the world's leading innovators and creatives. My education with Muse Storytelling led by Patrick Moreau, instilled a story-first philosophy that has become the foundation of our work. I have been fortunate enough to work on many storytelling pieces in a variety of industries, each of which underscore the profound power of personal narratives.

Currently, Lila and I are delving deeper into the intersection of design and cinema, striving to create stories that not only captivate but also resonate on a deeply human level. I believe that our partnership, both personal and professional, express the beauty of a shared vision and the incredible feats that can be achieved when two minds and hearts align in the pursuit of co-creation.

What is your role?

I have a larger day-to-day role of instigating relationships within the industry. We also work on a per-project basis, bringing in various talented creatives to fill certain roles according to the needs of the project, meaning that I have worn many hats from Creative Director to Editor, but I am most passionate about Directing.


Honestly, though, my biggest day-to-day role is finding the best coffee spot for a cappuccino (I'm a tough critic after living 6 years in Milan!).

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