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We help planet-saving companies create brand awareness and generate demand through story-driven video content.

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Have you experienced content frustrations?
You need more content to keep up, but it requires time and effort that you don't have.
You struggle to cut through the digital noise in a way that people actually care about.
You know you need to engage with your audience, but you've struggled to do so.
You can't find a partner that knows how to tell your unique stories.
You deserve an agency that makes content that captivates and converts.
WE HEAR YOU...'re busy and creating content takes time. But your company will succeed through generating demand for your planet-saving offering.

Imagine the possibility of creating enough engaging video content for one month in just one day, reducing marketing and sales concerns, knowing your story is being shared with your audience in a way they resonate with.

The truth is, you can't manage everything on your own.


That's why we're here.


Let's face it, for your cleantech company to succeed, R&D is a big priority. However, content creation is an extremely important piece of the puzzle for your success. Focus on the tech stuff knowing your story is being seen by the right people.


Not only is sharing your message important to attracting and retaining A-Grade talent, but you'll also have more time to find the right people for your team. The future of the planet depends on your ability to rally people behind your cause!

Lead Gen.
  • Form Fills

  • Lists

  • Rising Costs

  • Stale and Boring

  • Pushy Tactics

  • Pray it Works

Demand Gen.
  • Education

  • Storytelling

  • Data-Driven Content

  • Creative and Engaging

  • Builds Community

  • Delights and Inspires

Our Core Storytelling Video Offerings
Content your audience will want to watch and engage with.
High-quality storytelling film told by actual storytelling experts.
Time-saving processes that require minimal effort from you.
Enough content to be consistent without having to think about it.
The 'Effortless Advantage' Content Creation System

Generate demand through monthly Done-For-You (DFY) compelling video content, that'll save you massive amounts of time without the usual content creation struggles.

  • Enough storytelling and thought leadership video content for 1 month

  • Only 1 day filming with you

  • Content delivered within 1 week

Storytelling Video Strategy

Full service Done-With-You (DWY) and Done-For-You (DFY) agency offerings - we develop video strategies to put the right video in front of the right audience at the right time, generating demand and leads for your business. We execute on strategy, build funnels, write storytelling nurture emails and launch campaigns for you. It's time to tell a complete story with your brand.

Short Documentary

Are you an established business? Do you need longer-form content to inspire and delight your audience? Leverage our award-winning storytelling process that has received recognition at film festivals globally.


We get it - creating enough authentic content is hard.

Having a clear story-focused strategy will help you cut through the noise. But don't take it from us, have a look at what our clients have to say.

Bill & Kate McDonald

Phoenix Haus

Fiji Gross

Central Line

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Here's how you can ensure that you don't flop like Cleantech 1.0

Schedule a Free Call

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We Create a Video Strategy

We'll focus on what will move the needle for your business right now.

Your Content Worries Are Gone

Get back to doing what you do best knowing you'll have great content each month.

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.

Seth Godin


​In Cleantech 1.0, more than 90% of businesses failed to break even. The rise and fall of Cleantech 1.0 showed the need for innovative approaches.  Getting people excited about your mission is an essential part of the toolkit to get you from start-up to scale-up. Continued attention from investors, clients, A-Grade talent, policy-makers and the public are what shall determine whether the current cleantech and sustainability sector succeeds. And it's your duty to educate people on why you exist. However, not many people right now know you exist. If you've gone through funding rounds already, you'll already have an appreciation for the power of story. But it's understandable that you stopped using as you got really busy. We believe the sustainability sector will succeed through delighting, inspiring, and moving audiences to action. And the most effective way for doing that is through narrative transportation. Narrative transportation refers to the phenomenon where individuals become deeply immersed and emotionally involved in a story, leading to a temporary shift in their perspective and beliefs. It's not something that happens from the 'storytelling' you see all over LinkedIn. It happens from using the science and psychology of story development and being intentional about the stories you tell. You need to put the right story in front of the right audience at the right time. That's where we come in. We have a combined 18 years in the science of storytelling and film. We continue to invest in developing and testing hypotheses in storytelling marketing. We've had our story-driven films featured in film festivals all around the world. We've been invited to teach the science of storytelling at companies like Pinterest. In other words, this isn't our first rodeo. And our aim is to shrink the amount of time it takes for you to break-even and scale-up by using the power of story.

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