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We help purpose-driven brands inspire change and impact the world through human, emotional storytelling.


Clear Communication

Words matter. Words can inspire change. Your messaging needs to be consistent and easy to grasp. Simplify to amplify.


Human, Emotional Content

Storytelling content is one of the most effective tools for changing and shaping the narrative. Emotions are your best CTA.

We're a strategic and creative agency with a storytelling heart.


If you want your audience to do something, make them feel something.

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Grow Your Community

When your audience feels connected to your brand, they will be inspired to act.

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Doing good for humanity and the planet 
shouldn't be this hard!

Your purpose-driven company is the future. You are the one that is trying to help the world expand in the most sustainable way, understanding the importance of community. It can be hard to be noticed in all of the noise but emotional storytelling can give your voice the power it needs.
To us, content marketing is about helping businesses create authentic connections, interweaving stories that spark emotions that cause people to act. It's about the bigger, long-term picture. With storytelling, you can communicate with impact and your increased profit will be the byproduct of doing good for the planet.

Storytelling Strategy.

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Purpose Integration

Creative Strategy

Storytelling Creative.

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It all started with their genius outreach method. It was then that I knew we needed to follow up - and the more we interacted with Robert & Lila, the more we knew that we would create something special & remarkable that our team and customers would also appreciate and respond to.

It’s hard to not use their name when referring to feelings we get after completing the Discovery and Strategy. It’s a resounding “We’re going to make a massive impact!” after seeing how powerful this collaboration and focus is. I would recommend the Impact team to anyone looking for an innovative way to tell their story.

Bill McDonald - CEO, Phoenix Haus

Our approach to sustainability

We consult with brands to bring sustainability into the picture, so it's important that we don't just talk the talk, but walk the walk.


Supporting causes that matter to us

We have committed to donate 1% of our total revenue each year through 1% for the Planet to sustainable causes and continue to search for various ways to help our community.

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Climate-conscious web design

The amount of energy we all use to browse the web is significant, so we've designed a carbon-friendly website that runs on sustainable energy to ensure the minimum amount of energy used when interacting with us.

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Carbon friendly office space and travel

Our office space is powered by solar (thank you, Colorado!) and we utilize local production teams for projects afar, saving us from flying unnecessarily. For the ones we cannot avoid, we offset.

Is a lack of storytelling causing you to miss opportunities?

Go on 90% of businesses' social media pages or websites and you can see a trending similarity - they are all talking about themselves. Chances are, you are too.

We human beings are selfish creatures. If as a business you are always talking about yourself, why should they care? People are interested in knowing who can improve their lives by solving their problems.

Humans have an instinctive need to belong and to connect. Storytelling can help you create a much deeper connection between your business and your customers, which means people will be more willing to choose you over your competitors. 

Don’t let your competition beat you. Schedule a call below to see how we can help you incorporate emotional storytelling to create engaging, purpose-driven content.

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